George's story

On Wednesday evening, 13 December, a group of our West Randers distributed curry & rice and also soft drinks in Krugersdorp West. There are sad and happy times too. Sometimes we laugh and other times we cry together. And hopefully, we not only have food but a little love and faith to share as well!

"Hello, Pastor says the one. I'm George. I'm from Pietersburg. I'm an artisan by profession, but no one is looking for me! I came to Johannesburg for money. Everyone says there is work and money here, but they just say outright,… you are too white, others say there are no jobs, others say you are too old, others just chase you away as if you are rubbish. It's not easy up here at all. When our people bring us something then the other bunch comes, you know what I mean. Then they come and take our stuff, if we, our tea sit then they take it by force. Old Johan died a while back from such an attack. But who cares, no. Look at my head, look! I have walked through it several times already. They came and gasped at me with a stone !! Twelve stitches and a broken arm and a hole in my leg. I had plaster on my right arm…! With crutches, I galloped! Could not even beg for food for a long time, luckily old Piet looked after me, he shared his bit with me too!

"Sometimes we are just like that in our sleep, simply assaulted for nothing and the little we have is also robbed. We beg but so through the day, believe me, it's very hard work. You are on your feet all day in the hot sun. Some chase you down and say you are bad, others at least have an encouraging word.

"We pick up the iron and sell it. With the iron, I sometimes get a lot of money, ask him! Now the day got R90. Look, all for my new shoes, bought with the iron money. R59 for the couple.

"I believe in our Creator, Pastor. But you know even the churches do not want to take us in on a Sunday. I like singing and praying. But now we are too dirty for church… they chase me away, say I have to ask elsewhere for money. I also just want to sing and pray…

"Look Pastor, here are all my belongings. You look for the bottle for free, you do not judge… I know I should not drink, but it is tough at night! It's getting damn lonely here! And you do not have to worry, I'm not drunk… And it does not always happen.

“Look here is my Bible, I read it every day! God sent His Son to die for our sins. Because He loves us. I live in the street… it's not my choice, No I also want to be with my loved ones, have a house, etc. Do you know it is a privilege to go to a house, to have a roof over your head! To be able to make coffee and take a bath. I can not get used to the street.

“Thank you very much for the food, tonight I am going to sleep well, my stomach is full! May I also get a sign for Piet, he is still standing by the robot until 8 o'clock. I promise I will give him you can come and ask him. Tomorrow night is my turn then I stand until 8 o'clock. You have to walk nicely and remember, God, is looking at you! He sees for you and for me. Sometimes you have to come and say hello to me ”

There are thousands of people out there like George, each with his own story. It is easy to judge with a loaf of bread under your arm. It's easy to say but it's his own fault if you've just had it easy in life.

I know we can not change the world in one night but with the Spirit in our hearts and our Father on our side, we can do it step by step…

We can make a difference even if it's just for one person at a time, like for George. Yes, he is still on the street today but he slept well last night because the children of our Creator gave him food. He will remember it because for one night he went to sleep with a full stomach without ghosts coming to bother him. Last night, he was just a lonely guy on the street again…

And remember… when you pour perfume on somebody else, you can not help but to get a little bit on yourself!

If you find it in your heart to help us help others, here are our bank details. This was just one outreach of many we do. We help children and the elderly.

Open Arms Directorate
Bertus Schwan